Modern edit solutions need to be connected to productions in ways never possible before. Tapeless environments mean terabytes of streams, instant access to archive media, rapid delivery for transmission and exacting media management.

As productions switch to tapeless environments, new demands are placed on the edit setup. No longer an island, they are increasingly just one part of an entire operation giving instant access to hours of coverage, rushes and final media. Even simple single edits require connection to EVS systems or archive – and from Xfile to IPD to more cost effective alternatives, we have provided solutions for all budgets.


Adding Value to productions

The advantage for production is immediate when a tapeless solution is properly implemented. Highlights edits can be started before events finish thanks to ‘growing’ media files. Hours of ENG rushes can be ingested and organised rapidly and used simultaneously in multiple suites. Production staff can increasingly edit material themselves, or prepare rough cuts for fine-tuning and VFX work. In many cases this can lead to a dramatic increase in the amount of edited material that can be delivered – and leaving skilled editors more time to produce the motion graphics and polished edits demanded by broadcasters.

Avoiding the minefields

For many productions, problems they face with tapeless systems come down to unfamiliarity with the requirements, and bad planning on the part of the provider. The edit integrator needs to understand not only the technical requirements, but also HOW the production works. What priorities exist day-to-day, how media needs to be organised, what archive material needs to be made available, and critical timeframes.

Delivering value

In an age of tighter budgets, we also need to get the value proposition right for clients. Unnecessary equipment and over-specified solutions are as much a problem as under-specified ones. We offer great value to all our clients because we understand exactly what is needed, and constantly explore new solutions to achieve them for the best possible price.