Outside Broadcast is one of the most demanding areas of all broadcast editing. Where facilities companies have weeks to install and test edit environments, we often have a single day.

Without our close relationships with both UK broadcasters and OB companies this would simply be impossible to achieve. 20 years experience in this area is vital in being able to plan and support live events.

Single Edits

A single edit solution needs to work hard on most OBs. In tapeless environments, even smaller setups need to be connected. Usually this means integration with an EVS Xfile, as well as high speed card readers for ingest, or play-in from video sources. We have great experience managing these hard-working setups – from editors operating EVS controllers to clip material, to media management via Xfile to keep EVS clips, and streams organised. “Growing file” streams allow highlights to be started as soon as the event does, and this workflow is a robust solution for fast turnaround and versioning.

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Multiple Edits

Edit Out can facilitate larger productions using very cost-effective shared storage, and integration with IP-Director systems where needed. Ethernet connections to suites allow quick setup, and allow all the suites to access material simultaneously as required. It’s important to specify these setups correctly to ensure there is enough storage for the whole event, that material pre-produced and archived from previous productions is ready as needed, and that it is organised properly over longer events. Using experienced media-managers and engineers, as well as detailed planning with production before the event avoids problems on site – where there is no time to resolve them.

Custom Solutions

We put considerable thought into the solutions we offer, above and beyond what hire companies can sometimes provide. We understand the requirements both from the production and technical side; it’s a unique combination of skills that benefits teams new to tapeless production, as well as productions struggling with expensive and unwieldy solutions. As technology develops, and costs of items like storage fall, we make sure we can pass on those savings to our shows.